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Do you like working with children?


Do you want to teach them new skills, help them grow, and prepare them for fantastic experiences? Join us and head to summer camp with us!




For over ten years, we've been creating original programs and organizing experiential events that help children explore the world, foster imagination, and push boundaries.

At our Robinson's events, you'll find favorite themes, professional equipment, and above all, a team of amazing people with whom it's a joy to spend time. Thanks to the Robinson's courses, you'll gain many new skills and practical experiences. And you'll have a lot of fun.



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Job opportunities for English native speakers


On our summer camp offerings, we also have a place for native speakers. We organize a summer Potter camp with English. This year, the camp will take place in three terms.

Summer camp Length of stay Date of stay
  30. June – 9. July 9.-18. July 18.-27. July
Potter camp with English 10 days

Potter camp with English

Basic Information


  • Potter camps are held at the Lites camp near Mnichovo Hradiště.
  • They are designed for children who want to spend an active summer alongside their favorite wizarding heroes and acquire new skills.
  • The camp is intended for children aged 9–16 years old. The camp takes place in July in three ten-day terms.
  • Each term accommodates approximately 40–60 children, who are divided into age groups of around twenty. Each group has two instructors and one native speaker.
  • The main activities of the camp include outdoor games, sports (ball games, Quidditch tournaments, a Robinson's competition, etc.), creative activities, magic, interesting visits with active involvement of children (magician, exotic animals, etc.), zip-lining, night games, and various thematic experiential activities.
  • At the Potter camp with English, part of the program and games are conducted in English, with active involvement of native speakers.
  • As part of the whole camp story, every year, children „return“ to their holiday school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with its original houses, anthem, and all the familiar characters from the Potter saga. Each year, children encounter a new game inspired by one of the seven parts of the story.
  • he aim for children is to take away as much new knowledge and English skills as possible, and to enjoy a great holiday in nature.
  • Children and adults stay in comfortable rooms in the buildings or cottages of the recreational center, with modern shared facilities.




  • At the Potter camp, we welcome anyone who is eager to lead children and develop their skiills in various ways and who is a fan of the Harry Potter stories or is ready to supplement their basic knowledge of the literary source.



Why to become Robinson?


Working with Robinson makes sense, English

you'll be proud of what you leave behind.


With Robinson, you'll gain a lot of knowledge and skills

that will come in handy no matter what you do in your life.


With Robinson, you'll spend your holidays with a great bunch of people

and gain experiences and friendships for a lifetime. English


With Robinson, you'll earn a decent reward,

and additionally, you'll save on food, accommodation, and expenses.


With Robinson, you'll fulfill your dreams

and focus on what you enjoy and what you're good at.




For the position of a native speaker, it is necessary:

  • to be over 18 years old
  • to speak English perfectly, with natural pronunciation (we prefer applicants who were born in an English-speaking countries)
  • to complete Robinson's training (initial training, possibly training for individual camps)
  • to provide necessary documents (criminal record extract, medical certificate)




What to expect in the role of a native speaker at Robinson's events:


  • Studying the program before the camp, possibly partial preparation of a thematic costume.
  • Leading activities and games in English, which includes motivating, explaining theories and rules, managing activities, evaluating, recognizing efforts and best performances, providing feedback.
  • Informal communication with children during non-program times (lunch breaks, evenings, etc.), ongoing informal development of their language skills.
  • Assisting with the organization of the group, such as helping with accommodation upon arrival, creating group rules, leading warm-ups, communal dining, distributing mail, etc. However, the main focus is on caring for individual children and fostering a good atmosphere within the group.
  • Guiding children throughout the camp story, playing roles in skits, assisting in building atmosphere.
  • Additional minor organizational tasks during the event (duties, group leader diary, meetings, etc.).
  • Fun, trying out new activities, and spending evenings with new Robinson friends.



Benefits for You


  • Working in a young team full of great people.
  • Offering of free or discounted educational courses.
  • Continuous increase in salary based on acquired experience.
  • Bonuses for well-done work.
  • Supplement for completing 2 or more sessions.
  • Supplement for participation in pre-camp training.
  • Reward for referring a friend.
  • Free food and accommodation at the camp.
  • Social events with Robinsons throughout the year.
  • Opportunity to purchase Robinson souvenirs at advantageous prices.
  • Summer spent in nature and unforgettable experiences. :-)





I want to be Robinson







Join our team


Send your CV and a few lines about yourself to the email Iveta will get back to you and may invite you to a personal or online interview.





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We look forward to hearing from you!








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